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      Pastor Adam Jones invites the public to worship the Lord at Valley View Church every Sunday morning at 11:30 a.m. The church is located at 707 Main Street in Peckville. For more information, please call 570-352-7378.


  • Pastor Adam Jones at Valley View Church in Peckville.


    PHOTO BY TOM FLANNERYPastor Adam Jones at Valley View Church in Peckville.

    By Tom Flannery
    Staff Writer

    Posted Nov. 19, 2014 at 12:55 PM

    PECKVILLEAdam Jones was only five years old at the time, but he remembers it vividly.His mother dropped him off with his two brothers at their grandmother’s house before going for a job interview. But she didn’t return that night to pick them up as she was supposed to, or in the days that followed.About a week later, Adam was in town when he saw his mom standing at the corner talking to a man he didn’t know.“I ran up to her, hugged her leg and asked her why she never came back,” he recounted. “Then she grabbed me by the face and pushed me back onto my butt on the sidewalk. She told me to get away from her, said she didn’t know me.”“Needless to say, I was just devastated by that,” Adam offered.His father had already left the family and that was the last time he ever saw his mother.“So I obviously had a lot of anger all my life towards women and just people in general, as well as life itself,” he explained. “I thought that I could use and abuse them because my philosophy was that people will always hurt you in the end and then you die.”Even when he got married and had children, it didn’t alter his attitude about life or his behavior one bit.“I wasn’t nice to my wife, I wasn’t a good father,” he related. “I did what I wanted to do, whatever felt good and made me happy, and I didn’t care how it affected anyone else.”But about 10 years ago, a friend of Adam’s started inviting him to church and he finally agreed to go one time if his friend agreed to stop “pestering him” after that.“I did it just to get this person off my back,” he recalled with a laugh.It was during that service, though, that Adam says he felt God’s presence for the first time in his life.“The only way I can explain it is that it was like God reached inside me, grabbed hold of my heart and wouldn’t let go,” he related. “I felt He was speaking to me, telling me, ‘I love you and I want to heal you so you can love other people and help bring healing to them.’ So later that night, at 11:30, I got down on my knees and gave my life to Christ, asked Him to forgive me of my sins and just surrendered to Him, and I’ve never been the same since.”


Page 2 of 3 – Not only did Adam experience Christ’s saving power, but he also felt called into the ministry and became a pastor. What started out as a home church quickly grew so large that he moved the group into a conference room at a Dickson City hotel. Then, through a series of what he describes as miraculous revelations and answers to prayer, he acquired the historic church building on Main St. in Peckville that his congregation now calls home — the newly-opened Valley View Church.“We closed on the building July 16 and we meet every Sunday morning at 11:30,” he noted. “We are a non-denominational church of believers and followers of Jesus Christ. We believe in and uphold the values of the Vineyard church movement. And as such, we are working on our affiliation with the Vineyard church by going through what is called their ‘church adoption’ process.”The building itself was constructed in 1860 and became a Baptist church in 1880, then later a Pentecostal church before going back into the hands of a Baptist group, so Adam stated: “My feeling is that God has used this church for 130-some years and I want to see Him continue using it for as long as we’re here.”As far as the mission of his church is concerned, Adam replied that it’s very simple.“We have a passion for God and compassion for people, and we believe we serve Christ by serving others,” he explained. “We do our best to just love people and hope they experience God here, so much so that it changes their lives and makes them want to have a relationship with Jesus.”“We’re all about spreading the love of God, teaching the Word of God, and continuing the ministry of Jesus through the laying on of hands,” he explained. “I want people to experience what I’ve experienced, I want to see them physically and emotionally healed. So our church is a spiritual hospital for people who realize they’re broken and they need Jesus.”Adam stated that, for him, it all goes back to his own life story, starting when his mother abandoned him at age 5 and all the bitterness, pain and rage he grew up feeling as a result of that rejection.“I came to Christ out of an extremely bad place, from a very broken childhood followed by a really messed-up adulthood, and a lot of the people who attend our church have testimonies similar to mine,” he pointed out. “That’s why we love people the way we do and why people always tell us they can feel that love when they’re with us. We’ve been through all the bad stuff you can name or imagine, and we see what God has done in our lives so we want the same for everyone else.”
 Page 3 of 3 – Consequently, Adam insisted “there’s no judgment whatsoever taking place in our church about anyone or anything they’ve done.”“We don’t care what you’ve been through or where you are in life right now, what you look like or how you dress, we’re here to love everyone who walks through our doors and those we encounter outside them wherever we go,” he offered. “We welcome anyone and everyone to worship Jesus with us regardless of your background, past church experience or current beliefs. We want everyone to be able to relax and feel free to explore important questions about God and life.”Adam and his wife Holly reside in the Valley View Church building with their two sons, Alec, 16, and Zach, 10. He said the name will eventually be changed to Valley View Vineyard Church, once the affiliation process is completed.For more information about the church, call 570-352-7378 or contact Adam via e-mail at You can also learn more and hear Adam’s sermons online by going to the church website at

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